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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Took a Ride to Town Today

Went to town for no particular reason other than to just do something in a place where there isn't much to do.
At the west end of town there is a place that sells some old autos, RV's, trailers, and who knows what else. We stopped by here last year just to look at the classics. So we did it again. It looks like they find these old cars then give them a fresh coat of paint and a high price tag.
Wow, here's one for my son-in-law, a 46 Hudson pickup.
This really is a nice Chevelle!
Another shot

Well enough fun in town and I wanted to put the panels up to make sure everything still worked before we leave. I had left the panels in the flat position because I did not want to disturb to sealer until it was set.
Joyce took my picture without me knowing it. Everything seemed to be ok with the panels!
I have been wanting to have some fish & chips, and we heard that Grubstakes was suppose to be pretty good and with large portions. So off to town we went again.
Oops, can't go in the front door!
It was crowded inside so we opted to sit outside at one of the picnic tables. Now people have commented that I don't smile, so I forced this one for ya!
Now, this is one order of fish & chips that we split between us. Not bad for $8.95 and being from New England, I must admit that the fish was good.
Joyce and I don't usually do dessert but with today being St. Patrick's day they had Baileys Cheese Cake and it was delicious. Couldn't resist.
Bummer, by the time we returned to camp it was too late for our walk. We try to walk every morning and evening. Oh well, at least I'm fat and happy from that meal; now I wonder want I can have for a snack before bedtime.

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