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Friday, March 13, 2009

Power from the Sun

Went into town this morning for our new solar panels, was only going to get one but whereas the controller can handle more and I knew that we would be adding; we figured that we may as well do it. Picture below shows the first panel in position.

Here's the complete job, two 130 watt panels with tilt brackets so we can set the panels on an angle facing the sun.

The solar boost controller show the rate of charge as 13.8 volts. We have not tilted the panels yet because I want to wait for the sealer around the installation screws for the brackets, has set up good.

So with the panels flat on the roof, our batteries were fully charged by 10:30 am. We no longer have to run the generator to charge the batteries so we can use the lights and run the TV when we want without running out of juice.
This cactus is right in front of the coach and is really beautiful at night with the full moon cast behind it.

This cactus is directly behind us. Note the circled path around the cactus, Joyce and some of the neighbors will use this walk as a form of meditation. I think that they are trying to churn butter!
Home home on the range where the coyote's run through occasionally.
Hey, we get to go to the community camp fire every night and they have free movies in a large tent every Saturday night.

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