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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Days on the Road, Now in Carlsbad, NM

We hit the road to New Mexico around 9:30 AM and drove about 320 miles. While on Route 10 we started looking for a cheap place to stay for the night. I needed to empty my tanks and take on some fresh water, we weren't able to dump and fill up at our free National Forrest camp.
We finally found a stop at exit 62 on route 10. It is called Butterfield Station which is an Exxon Gas Station/ gift shop with a full hookup campground for $12 and it's close to the highway for a fast getaway.
We got off Route 10 to take some roads we haven't traveled on before.
So into the tunnel!

And around some tight corners.

Oh yea, don't forget that great looking bridge

And we came into the town of Miami, Arizona. This is Copper center of the world that has a big and I mean big open pit mine.
There was also a religious shrine by this sign so I had to stop and check it out.
The Shrine
Mac wanted to go for a run on the salt beds that were along our route.
And finally we made it to New Mexico
Then we came to Guadalupe Mountains National Park and a hard climb over the mountains and down into Carlsbad.

We are in the Carlsbad RV Park & Campground. The wind is high and my Internet connection is sloooow. It is suppose to drop down to 47 degrees tomorrow before it warms to the 80's again.

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