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Friday, March 6, 2009

Joshua Tree National Park

We got an early start this morning so we could spend the day at Joshua Tree. They have some off road trails so we figured we try one.

We took the Black Eagle Mine Road. It is 9 miles long and ends at BLM land where there were some abandoned mines.

Stopped for a picture.

Off roading.

Once we returned from our off road adventure, we continued on the Park road to where there was a formation of large boulders.

Explanation of how the boulders got in the middle of flat land.

Within the rock formations there was suppose to be an arch. After walking around the large boulders for a while, we found it.
There it is!!
I had 10 seconds to get in the picture which meant I had to jump two rocks to get to Joyce from the camera position.
Walking within the Boulders

After lunch we moved on to the area where the Joshua trees are.
This tree was the biggest we had seen
The tree of life
Some of the smaller trees

It's starting to get late so we have to get going so we are back at camp in time to get Mac his dinner.

Tomorrow we break camp at Salton Sea and will drive about three hours to our next destination. It will be a sad day for us because we really liked it here and would have liked to stay longer. Maybe next year!

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Vic said...

Those boulders look very cool! I love the picture of you two on them...very pretty!