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Monday, March 9, 2009

Windy Day But Still Nice

Went into town this morning to check out Discount Solar to see what they had in stock. Well to make a long story short, we have a 9:00am appointment for Thursday for installation of a system. We originally purchased (1) Kyocera 130 watt panel, a Solar Boost 2000E charge controller, and tilt brackets so the panel can be tilted to get the most sun when parked. The one panel should be enough for what we need for now but we planned on adding to it by next year so we figured why not just go with two panels now and bite the bullet.
This should mean limited generator usage on cloudy days, and enough charge from the panels on sunny days to eliminate our need for electricity.

Later in the day, Joyce made an Irish Soda Cake which came out very good, I had to steal a small slice while it was still warm.

Tonight we decided to go out for pizza because we haven't had any for weeks. On our way to dinner we stopped by to say hi to some Blog friends, Ron & Terry of Fulltime HitchItch. They area staying at an area of Quartzsite BLM land about a half mile from us. The bummer is we forgot to bring our camera along so we didn't get any pic's of dinner or our visit with the guys.

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