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Monday, March 30, 2009

Rule Texas Rules

On our way to Dallas / Fort Worth we needed a place to stop for the night. The route we took (380) the Praire Highway, took us through very small towns that were obviously effected by the economy. One of them is Rule, Texas which seems to be a Cotton Farm / Oil town.
At the center of town, is a small park and War Memorial that offers free camping for one night. This was just what we needed so we stop.
After dinner we took a stroll down main street to look in the empty store windows. It really was a little sad to see 99% of the stores closed or empty.

This is or was the town gift shop, note bullet hole in window. Your gonna shoot your eye out!
The Rule Fire Dept. really!
Every town has it's historical site.
A nice mural on one of the old buildings.
Not sure but this might be a member of the track team. He was being chased by a car full of his buddies.

On a differant subject, I have been having problems with the Jeep overheating. This is a bit upsetting because I had a the radiator, thermostat, hoses, and belts replaced before this trip so we wouldn't have these problems. Oh well, I picked up a new thermostat and gasket along with a gallon of antifreeze. Here I am at our campsite in Rule, Texas replacing the thermostat while Joyce sneaks this shot or me cursing.

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