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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Relaxing In Utah

After a good nights sleep, we are back on the road again.
We stopped at this Visitors Center and you can see that the terrain is beginning to change.
This was posted behind the visitors center where me and Casey were walking.
Nice view
Moving along, we stopped at Fort Bridger
There was so much to see in the fort and we too numerous pictures. The problem is we are in an area that only has fringe coverage for our Internet connection and I am limited on time to post.
Wyoming's first school
There are a lot of buildings to see, and a lot of information on the Oregon Trail.
Site of the original Fort
The original Fort was very small and only served a a place for travelers to stop for wagon repair and supplies. Later the Military took over the Fort and enlarged it.
Only two buildings were inside the walls of the original fort.
This sign tells some of the story of the Fort.
From the Fort we continued our move to Utah.
Lots of rocks and mountains along route 80 as we approached Salt Lake City.
We decided to call it a day and take a couple of days in a campground so we could see the city in the car.

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