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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Heading For Zion

We got off to an early start this morning.
 One of us decided to stay in bed a little longer.
A bit of information along the road
 If you look down the road behind the coach, you can see yesterday.
 Our next little mining town.
 The small towns are really into opera!
Some of the old original buildings.
 Some in better shape than others.
 Main street
 While walking main street, we came to a junk shop, had to check it out.
Look at that stove!
 Must be one of the first electric ranges.
 At the base of the hill, you can see the old mine, or one of them!
 The local bar was having a pig roast, looked good but the smell was awful.
As we exited town there was more old mining stuff.
 Further down the highway, we came to a rest area that looked like a small grand canyon.
Cathedral Gorge
 The picture doesn't do it justice but the gorge is fairly deep.
Casey took our picture!!
 And we were on our way again.
Then there was a fire on the side of the highway that made things interesting.
 A small town where we may stay the night.
 Yup, our night spot....an empty lot with one other truck. See ya!

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Vic said...

Casey did a great job taking your picture! :)