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Sunday, June 30, 2013

One Stop We Had To Make In PA

We are back on the Lincoln Highway (route 30)
These red, white, and blue signs with the letter L, tell you that it's the Lincoln highway.
I love junk yards and this has got to be the largest one I have ever seen.
After about an hour, we came to our destination.
This was a very emotional stop.
From the entrance, you have to travel 3.5 miles to the crash site. This area was part of an old strip coal mine.
There was lots of information on what happened that day.
As you tour the plaza, there are stops where you can do a cell phone tour of the events.
This picture was taken from one of the locals just over a mile away.
This wall was erected along the crash site debree field. Flight 93 impacted at 563 MPH. The black walk and wall represent the coal fields.
Along the walkway, there are large flat panels where you can sit. These panels represent the wings of a plane.
There are sections along the debris wall where people can leave things.
Not far from the walk is a rock that is located where flight 93 hit.
There is a wall of names that runs parallel with the flight path to the rock.
I took the above picture through this heavy wooden gate. The gate is constructed of Hemlock, representing the trees that were at the point of impact. The gate was built rugged to represent the people on flight 93 that fought to bring that plane down.
This is the wall of names, forty panels for the forty names of the crew and passengers on that flight.
This one panel states that Lauren was with child. The unborn child was not counted among the forty souls. If you click on the picture, you will see the engraving.
This memorial is far from being completed. Trees are being planted, forty groves. And a welcome center is also in the works.
I recommend that if you are in the area, stop and view this memorial. The experience was very moving and emotional. Many believed that flight 93 was targeting the White House when in reality it was discovered during the investigation of the crash site, that the target was the Capital Building. This was discovered from the terrorist papers that were found at the site.

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