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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back Up And Running The Road With Our 666th Post!!!!

So, this is my 666 post and I'm not sure if that means anything but I have posted a lot of pic's below and we hope you enjoy. Thanks for following us!
The belt tensioner came in and I am installing. That was the easy part.
Getting the belt routed and the tensioner loaded was the tough part due to the fan housing bracket being in the way. Had to pry the tensioner past the bracket with the aide of a 2x4. Then having Joyce hold the 2x4 from the top of the engine until I went under and set the ratchet in place. Then it was Joyce holding the belt on the pulleys from above and me setting the belt and tensioner from below. It was tough but we got it done, topped off the fluids and let the engine run to insure everything was ok.
Before leaving Lovelock, Joyce want to get a lock to add to others in the town square.
She used our dremel tool and did the engraving.
Here's the lock symbolizing our 48 years of love.
We left Lovelock Plaza and headed out of town.
Twenty two miles out of town we took 95 south towards Vegas.
In the town of Fallon, we connected with route 50, the Loneliest Highway In America, and also the Lincoln highway.
Casey didn't get much of a chance to run while we were in Lovelock, so I looked for a place along the way to stop.
We played ball till she was ready to rest. She just loves to run.
As you can see the ground is crusted with alkali, but Casey didn't seem to mind.
As we were getting ready to leave, the girl biker that we passed long ago, caught up with us. That's her support team behind with the trailer.
Route 50 really is a nice drive, the scenery is much better than the freeway. Look at the moutain of sand.
We stopped to check it out.
Lots of ATV's running around.
We also past the remains of a Pony Express station but couldn't get in with the coach.
That's it in the distance.
Then we hit a stretch of nothing.
Then more points of interest.
Didn't want to see that, might fall in.
Then it was lunch time and we came to a town that was nothing more than a campground and diner.
Nothing like a man size burger to get ya going.
Time to move on....more to see.
Passed through the valley and more points of interest.
Then we traveled through the pass.
That brought us to these remains.
Finally arriving at the town of Austin, a town frozen in time.
 This place is rteally cool with the old builings that stand as they have for years. And so many churches.
We parked the coach along main street and walked the center of town.
Lots of building were abandond
 And some were not.
No comment!!!!
The town was in full bloom of wild yellow roses, they even grew up through the boards in the front porch of this home.
Classic old barn.
And the home next to the barn.
This place was empty but had it's rose bush.
The Masons use to meet here.
Had to take this pic through a window. The mirror over the bar is in three pieces, and was brought here on pack mules when the bar was built.
After leaving town, we continued up a mountain to 7400 feet and some twisty road.
The scenery was beautiful and this is all BLM land so we looked for a place to stay.
We stopped at a rest area.
And across the street was a fed. campground.
The sites were small but our 36 footer with the Jeep just made it in.
In fact, it's so nice here and the air has the aroma of sage. We decided to stay another night. Hey, it's free with the Senior Card.
 Well, we are off to see what we can find.

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