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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Page, Arizona

We took a spin to Page
 On our way we stopped to see how the rich people live and play at the marina.
 We got a ride down to thew docks.
The house boats really seemed to be overkill for the small body of water their in.
 I have to admit, these things were awesome.
 There were rows and rows of houseboats. There were also rentals.
After viewing the boats, we walked back up to the parking lot but had to stop outside the gift shop. They had one of those water fountains things that would shoot water into the air. There were three nozzles about five feet apart and Casey had a great time chasing for the water. In this shot she was waiting for the water.
We also stopped to see the Glen Canyon Dam. No, we didn't take the dam tour.
 There were some great areas to view the river and dam.
 The Colorado river.
 Another shot of the Dam
 This was posted outside the welcome center.
 Back to camp, you could see another marina but Casey wanted to go swimming on our last night here.

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