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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Falling Behind At Antelope Island In Utah

There's a State Park on Antelope Island that has camping areas overlooking the Lake.
 We stopped here for a couple of days. The sites are very large but there are no hookups. This is strictly dry camping but that doesn't bother us.
 There are six hundred Buffalo that roam free on the island. There are also herds of Antelope.
 This guy was grazing along the side of the road.
 Some info.
 Some statistics on the Great Salt Lake. We found the Lake to be similar to the Salton Sea.
 Oh yea, there are also Jack Rabbits that come out every night.
 This bull was in the bushes not far from us.
 And as the sun began to set, he walked past to head up the hill.
Day two, we continued our trek around the island.
 Along the way we ran into a large herd of Buffalo that were stampeding.
 The herd contained a lot of young calf's.
 A shot from road.
 There's a ranch at the far end of the island. This fence marks a section of the ranch.
 Fielding Garr kinda reminds me of the Marlboro man!
 The ranch was none of the first to shear sheep using mechanized methods.
 Some of the old equipment.
 Some of the original buildings still remain and are the oldest in the state.
 There were natural springs on the island. This is a spring house.
 A shot of the corals.
 On our way back we had to stop at the water. The salt content is so high, there are no fish in this water.
 The flys like living here at the shore.
We did not have an Internet signal while we were here so I am a couple of days late on this posting.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Nice pictures:) We only visited the island fro a few hours, but we did think it would be a nice place to camp for a few days.