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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Off Road Tour #1 From Austin

Not sure if I mentioned it, but Austin is noted for it's churches so I wanted to at least show you the sign. Anyways....we decided to stay another night here so we are off to take an off road kind of loop that circles a mountain range and gets to elevations over 8200 feet.
This first point of interest on our way, is just out of town.
As seen from route 50 coming into town.
Not very large but interesting and with a great view as seen in the next pic.
That's where we are heading next.
This is an old mine next to the castle.
The "Powder Room"
Here we go, the road is wash board but in good shape. We have about a five hour trip that will take us along this valley then into the mountains.
Beautiful flowers line the road but they are covered in thorns. Look but no touch!
Here our road starts it's turn, note the flowers.
Casey loves an adventure!
As we begin our approach into the mountain area, it begins to cool to the low 80's.
The road follow the stream below.
And in a lot of areas, the stream runs over the road.
More wild flowers are darting the sides of the hills and along the road.
This is a lonely road so don't plan on running into anyone for a while.
Here we are kicking up the dust as we run along. You can see the remaining snow.
That is the road we came came in on as we work our way up and over the mountain.
This is all National Forest area and there are a couple of rough campgrounds along the road. The only problem is the road gets very narrow in areas so I would advise tents only.
This is the guard station but they don't have any rangers working this area anymore.
Along the way there are remnants of what use to be, homes and farms.
Here, we are getting to the end of the mountain pass. I took many more pic's but they real don't do justice to seeing the real thing. So much beauty.
 This was an old barn.
 Another shot of the barn.
What's left of the front door area of the farm house.
Passing through the town of Kingstown, once a thriving boom town of hundreds is now a dying town. As we drove through town, (speed limit 25) we passed this cute place that is for sale.
 Just outside of town heading back to route 50 we stopped here. Six miles out there are caves, pictographs, and hot springs.
There are suppose to be three hot springs, that are of different temperatures. This one was very hot but the goldfish in the run off pond didn't seem to mind.
Happy fish, but too hot for us.
 A little ways off we found another hot spring and it was just right.
 Oh man......it just doesn't get any better than this. Hey Joyce, look at that view!!!!
Tomorrow we pull stakes and move on south along route 50.....Goodnight!