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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pikes Peak Highway

Pikes Peak is about six miles away so we had to do it.
For those of you wondering......we used the Jeep.
This sign was along the road on our way up.
We stopped to view the lake at the Rec. area.
This is a good size lake and there were people sitting at the beach.
The race to the top in next week so they are getting ready.
This is the start line and it should be note that there is no longer any dirt sections to the road.
From what we have seen, you've got to be crazy to race up this road.
Lots of "S" curves and drop offs with no guard rails.
Slowly we progress up the mountain.
Straw bales in place at the corners for the race.
Snow is beginning to show along the road and soon we are above the tree line.
In the distance you can see the cog train coming up.
Made it to the parking lot and 14101 feet. Tough breathing!
Some info at the top.

A look over the edge
A nice man took this picture so we could prove we were there.
This is what you will see..........
.........If the tram fails to stop here
Classic info on the road.

And some of the crazy stuff done.

On our way down.
History on the pass below.
As we left Pike Peak, we passed through town and spotted this cool motor home. Note the windshield, Plexiglas pieces.
And believe it or not, it is registered. So much for safety inspection.
Oh yea.....and the Deer are everywhere. Do you see the sign behind them. Time for a checkup?

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great pictures of the drive. We have been up Pikes Peak a number of times. Sure hope that old RV is not going to get underway any time soon:)