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Friday, June 7, 2013

Broke Down In Lovelock, Nevada

When the old belt broke, it took out the wire to the Fan clutch. You can see the wire to the right of the new belt.
 I was able to fix the wire and get the new belt into position.
I have a mechanic coming shortly to help with the installation, it takes two to get the belt on properly.
Well as luck would have it........more problems!
 The belt tensioner is corroded and froze up.
You can see where the square hole in the casting on the left, is broken. This happened when we tried to load the tensioner to install the belt. The tensioner seems to be frozen and that's probably what caused the belt to break. After calling six local parts houses, I was only able to locate one that won't get here till Monday morning. Plus the ride to get the part is 1-1/2 hr's away. Sooooooo, looks like we are stuck in this place for a few more days. Hey, could be worse, right!

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