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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Every Little Town Has A Story

And on this hot day we set out to find out the stories behind Lovelock, and we were surprised at what we found!
 The are four entrances to town and each has a different welcome sign.
 Just another main street America
 At the center of town is the Courthouse
 Mounted outside the Courthouse was some info.
 And the Ten Commandments!!!
 In the back of the Courthouse we found this!!!!
 There are green post with chains attached between them.
 Along those chains, are locks that have names written on them.
 So many locks of various sizes and shapes, all symbolizing the love between a couple.
 Pretty neat huh!
 Lots of locks like I never saw before. This one looked like Buddha is cast on it.
 And lots of old locks.
 This one was huge and in the shape of a heart.
 I wanted to lock the wife there but she didn't think that was funny.
 Moving out of town, we found the Lovelock Correctional Center
Hey, so what. It's worth taking a chance.
 Now you must be wondering why we would be going here.
 Well, we wanted to harass someone that lives here.
 But he was out for a short trip.
 Do you know who I'm talking about.......scroll down.

Yup, this is OJ's home. I love it!!!!
Time to move on to our next find.
 This took us down miles of dirt roads that passed some abandon gold mines.
 Ah, they just put those signs up to scare you.
 The picture really doesn't give you a feel for the size of this open mine.
 They just blast away at the side of the mountain and dig down.
 Then we spotted this old mine cabin and had to check it out.
 Not a place I would want to call home.
 This little guy was guarding the entrance to another mine. The rock must be hot, see his toes curled.
 Same deal here, blast tons and tons of rock for a little bit of gold.
We say goodbye to our friend as we leave.
 The temp got as high as 104.
 After more miles of dusty dirt roads we came upon the Lovelock Caves
Man, if the Jeep dies out here they'll never find us.
We made it!
That's the cave up there!
It was a bit of a hike in this heat but we made it.
Nice view from up here.
I took a couple of pic's inside the cave but the link above gives you better pic's and info on the cave, check it out.

On our way down the trail, more info.
On our way back we passed by part of the Humbolt river.
This was an enjoyable day but tomorrow we have to drive for a total of three hours to get the belt tensioner for the coach. I hope that will complete the fix so we can move along. I will keep you posted.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

great pics and narrative

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great tour:) Looks like a good place for OJ.