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Friday, June 21, 2013

Durango And Wolf Creek Pass

As we departed the Casino camp, we saw that they had these cool T-Pees that you could stay in.
Roadside junk coming up!

They're shooting BIG arrows.
Coming into Durango Colorado
The welcome center has an interesting item.
This train is a replica to the real train that was used for a movie. It's made of wood.
More interesting info.
Welcome to Durango
Couldn't find anywhere to park the coach so we took a quick ride.
Only able to post a couple of pic's sorry.
Heading out of town.
The scenery was really beautiful.
On route 160 as we headed for Wolf Creek Pass, the cowboys were running some cattle down the road.
Suddenly we spotted smoke.
Lots of smoke.
But we kept on moving.
We passed through the town of Pagosa Springs.
What a nice town...wouldn't mind living here!
Then we spotted helicopters hauling water to the fire.
We kept on going.
As we approached the Pass there were these waterfalls.
And big fat chipmunks.
These birds live by the water.
And smoke stared to show in different areas.
I wasn't concerned about the smoke because we weren't heading in that direction.
Interesting info.
As we worked our way up the pass.....at 35 MPH tops, the view was breath taking.
More smoke and the trees all around us were dead
What goes up, must come down....a long way!
The Continental Divide is right at the top.
Some info on the Pass.
If you are ever in the area, make sure you take this ride.
As we started our way down, it was obvious that things were looking bad.
Really bad, and I was hoping that we could get through the pass before it was closed.
No time to stop now.
The flames were on the other side of that ridge and coming our way.
The people in this small town were outside wanting for the word to evacuate.
Finally the sky started to look better. See the phony Elk?
We passed through another small town and wanted to get some miles away from the fires before we looked for a night camp.
We made it to a Walmart that had more RV's than cars in the parking lot. And we were in a prairie area with little trees so we can sleep tonight without worry. Goodnight!

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Always good to avoid those wildfires!