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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Continuing On Route 50 To Ely, Nevada

Had to get a pic before we left camp and moved on.
Movin on down the highway!
More long stretches of road.
Points of interest along the way!
Then we are approaching Eureka.
The mining still goes on but on a different scale
Rolling into town.
It's great coming into these towns, you can park along main street and get out to walk the town.
We toured the opera house and when we signed their book, we were surprise to find that the people ahead of us were from Boston, and the ones ahead of them were from Providence, R.I. We lived ten miles from Providence and fifty from Boston. Small world!
The interior of the opera house, beautifully kept.
Downstairs there were displays of old cameras.
Then along Main street we found this. 
A five holer!
Every town has it's Courthouse.
The ladies inside were nice enough to show me the old safe.
On the outskirts of town we found this cabin.
Some parting info on the town.
And remnants of what there was.
And we are on our way again.
The next very small mining town of Ruth was the inspiration for Stephen Kings  book, Desperation.
 The only thing in town was the post office and one bar.
 Heading out of town, more remains of the past. These town use to have populations in the thousands during the mining boom.
 Only about six miles down the road, we came our next town.
The town of Ely.
This was also a mining town but has survived better than most.
Main street.
 Remember Atlantic Richfield?
The town recorded it's past with numerous murals like this one.
 Hotel Nevada, the largest building in town.
 Another shot of Main street.
History on the town.
 There were also some sculptures and Casey liked this one best.
 Running through town, we found a place to put up for a couple of days so we can explore.
 The price was right and full hookup. Goodnight for now!