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Friday, May 31, 2013

Off To Wyoming

On the highway (Route 80) again and heading to Wyoming.
 Traffic was light and the ride was smooth.
And in no time, we were over the border.
 The biggest problem was the winds, and we were battling headwinds with gust coming from the side. Really hit us hard on our fuel mileage.
There were signs warning people with small trailers. Some didn't heed the warnings.
 The terrain is changing.
 We came upon the Lincoln rest area and stopped for a rest.
 Some cool information
 Large Bronze bust of Lincoln

 As we continued we saw snow, yes snow!
At exit 211 we exited to see the State Pen.
 No longer in use, it's a large facility. Opened in 1893 and closed in 1981.
 Some of the prison housed women but in a small number.
This a typical cell, with some having bunk beds. As you can see, not much room.
 This is the shower area where most of any in house killings were done. There were only two guards in the shower area and there were up to 45 inmates in one room waiting their turn for the showers which buy the way were cold water showers.
 Solitary confinement
This is the kitchen area. It was a privilege to get the kitchen detail because it was warmer than the cold cells they were in.
Metal tables and benches were installed after a riot in which the inmates burned the wooden tables and benches.
 Art an inmate that had lost an arm to a farm accident had a talent for painting so the warden gave him the job of painting the walls with relaxing outdoor scenes.
These are some of Art's paintings.
 Oh yea, I forgot to mention that the walls and ceilings throughout the prison contain blood spatter like this ceiling in the mess area. The blood is from the prisoners being whipped. They never bothered to clean up the blood.
 Small exercise yard.
 Looking back at one of the sell blocks.
 Passing thru a gate from the small yard, brings you to the large yard that even contains a ball field.
The prison did executions which started as hangings. The setup that opened the trap door was operated by water running out of a bucket until a counter weight was activated to pull the hinged leg that held the door closed.
 This is death row and contains six cells.
 This is the first inmate to be hung.
This was the last inmate to be executed, and it was done by gas chamber.
 This is the gas chamber used.
 I can't understand why Joyce wanted me to have a seat. Hey...don't close that door!
 After our tour, we continued on for a couple more exits and ended up here in a Pilot Fuel stop. I tucked us way in a back corner away from the traffic. Good Night!!!

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