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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great Platte River Road Archway Monument

 Great Platte River Road Archway Monument is located across route 80.
I'm sure that the sculptures at the top of the two towers represent something but I was not able to find any specifics on them.

Parking is to the right of the main entrance and there's plenty of room for motorhomes.
Here's a shot from the highway.
 If you stop in make sure you do the museum. It's located in the archway and is worth the time to see. Below is a sampling of what's inside. It offers info on the two trails to Oregon, the Mormon trail and the Oregon trail that ran pretty much parallel to each other.
I can't imagine what these people went through to fine a better life.
 Wow, what determination.
 Just over the next hill, and we'll be there.
 So much had to be left along the trail. Even the family organ!

 Then things really got bad for some.
 Also in the museum, there's info. on travel as it progressed over the years. We will be traveling the Lincoln Highway latter today as we leave here.
The way camping was....not much difference!

Some info on the highway that replaced sections of the Lincoln highway.
Windows at the top of the arch give a view of the traffic below.
As we move on and get on the Lincoln highway we try to stop at the points of interest along the way.
 Traveling this road gives us a chance to check out the small towns along the way.
Not much going on due to the holiday weekend.
 But we did find something of interest in the town of Gothenburg.
The riders made good money but had to ride long and hard to make it.
Time to ride off to our next stop.
This is the largest train yard in the world. The engine are operated by remote control that have a range of nine miles. Think about making up all the trains and doing by remote, like being a kid with a giant train set.
 The yard is huge.
Time to move along and find a place to stay for the night.
Nice scenery.
Ah, the perfect spot along the old Lincoln highway where the rode workers drop the ground up asphalt. Time to start up the satellite system and see what's on TV. Goodnight!

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