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Friday, May 24, 2013

Hastings Nebraska History

Time to see what interesting things we can find in the area. This looks like a good place to start.
 A nice monument for the small town of Sutton.
They even have a city wide Garage Sale where the town supplies maps to the bargains.
 I do love the old buildings.
 Must have been a class act in it's day.
And then there are these old classics that can be found in all these small towns.
As we traveled along route 6, we came across these bunkers.
Miles and miles of bunkers that looked to be at least five deep. What are these bunkers used for????
We hooked a left down a dirt road and there they were, rows and rows of bunkers.
There were big bunkers, small bunkers, square bunkers, and round bunkers. This is really creepy.
Some of these bunkers had trucks parked along the road. We even spotted a couple of guys coming out of one bunker wearing surgical mask and rubber gloves. Then we found this sign at the entrance of one road. Is McDonalds experimenting on beef cattle to produce a steer that will give us the next generation of beef. Sounds like something Dr. Josef Mengele might have worked on, a Super Steer capable of growing to enormous size in the same amount of time as a normal steer.
This place was really starting to creep us out so we headed out so I could investigate further.

Wait......I believe that Casey our highly intelligent Aussie may have found one of those experimental steer.
Good dog but be careful, you're in a very dangerous area. He may......step on you!
Back to reality I had to know what the bunkers were originally used for. If you want to know what I found out about the bunkers, click here.....LINK!

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