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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Traveling The Oregon Trail

As we travel the Oregon Trail, we stop along the way to record the history of the area.
Landmarks noted along the Mormon trail.
So much rolling prairie, how do you pick the best route? 
And we get lost using GPS.

Another Mormon camp area as the two trails ran close together.
Individuals made their money building and operating a toll bridge.
We have made it to our next extended campground. This is the office.
This is our view
That is Chimney Rock in front of us, it was used as a landmark for the travelers. We are the only ones here because the campground can't be seen from the main road. The owner puts up signs but they keep blowing down. The scenery looks more like a painting, and at night the landmark has lighting at the base.
Casey has never seen a donkey before so she hides between mom's legs, what a sissy.
The sunsets are beautiful.
Three miles beyond the campground, is the Historic Site foe Chimney Rock.
Joyce doesn't care for their signs.
Some info. about the Rock.
A check list of what to bring for your trip.
Lots of info on the Rock and the trail.

And we are camped right along the trail, so much history all around us.
 Most of the dead were buried along thr trail but this cemetery does contain the remains of some of the travelers.
Wee Granny is also mention on a roadside sign.
There were many graves of children and babies.
Twenty minutes north of Chimney Rock, is Scotts Bluff which is a pass on the Oregon Trail.
 The landscape is beautiful.
 We are heading into the Bluff.
A map of the trail.
 The trail
 Oops, must be one of the travelers.
Do you remember where we parked that wagon?
 From the visitors center, there's a road that takes you to the top of the Bluff.
 The view from the top is beautiful.
 There was a storm coming up in the valley. This is the rainy season and everyday ends with the threat of thunderstorms, hail, and heavy wind.
I can't imagine trying to cross this in a wagon.
 As we exited Scotts Bluff, there were signs stating that you are on the Oregon trail. This road takes us right to our campground,and the end of our travels for today.

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