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Friday, May 24, 2013

In The Fields Of Nebraska

After another day of driving, we passed through Iowa.
 And here we are coming into Nebraska, note the truck in front of us!
Casey loved it
 We passed through Lincoln Nebraska and wanted to stop for a few days to let Memorial weekend pass. We found this small campground along route 80.
We are surrounded by nothing but open fields and there are some heavy storms predicted for the next few days.
 But.....not to worry because the campground has a shipping container buried into the side of a hill. If things turn bad, they warn us and everyone heads to the shelter, dogs too. Gives us a really warm feeling. I wonder if the container is full of snakes?????
Last night after dinner we were walking Casey when a new 42 foot Phaeton pulled in. I was wearing my Tiffin Phaeton T shirt and we got friendly waves. Later we got to meet the owners, John & Celesra who live in Florida, not far from we we stay in Titusville.
We really enjoyed their company and hope to see them again in the not to distant future. Damn..again I forgot to take pic's, I need to get into my Blog mode. See ya!


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