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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Still On The Move

Left our parking lot camp and hit the road at 9 AM. Here we are crossing into Tenn. where we stopped in Chattanooga to see Ruby falls. The problem was after driving up a narrow mountain road, we found out that they didn't have any parking for large RV's. We then had to take another road down that had a super tight hairpin turn. We just barely made the turn but the two right rear storage compartment doors hit the road and received some road rash on the bottom. Man..I hate when that happens. More body work when we do our next trip to Red Bay!!!!
 Passing buy Nashville.
 Then we ran into some scary looking storms.
 Rained for about a half hour.
 Then it was one lane traffic off and on for miles.
 Then we ran through Kentucky farmlands for miles.
 Seemed funny to see more trees with leaves rather than palms. 
 We ran with this RV for a while
 This is a Harley dealership that looks like a riverboat.
 At a Kentucky rest area there was this southern mansion,

 More rest area information for Kentucky.
We are now parked in the back of a Cracker Barrel restaurant for the night. We are under a storm watch for the night and Joyce is a bit uneasy.
Well......see ya tomorrow.

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