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Monday, October 1, 2012

Shiloh Battlefield

Yesterday we went to Shiloh Battlefield
There is a tour road that will take you hours to complete. Because of the fact that it was raining, there was a lot that we didn't get to see.

It took three pic's to get all of the information in on the large statue below.
There were various battles going on in all directions. Some would only last a couple of hours.
The Hornet's Nest was a long and deadly battle.
 This is one end of the road along the Hornet's Nest
And on the other side of the field above sat a battery of 62 cannons.
The Union surrendered.
These cannons were located everywhere around the battle fields. The wheels and the support are all casted and not made of wood. We were told that these we the actual armament used in the battle.
While waiting for Joyce to come back with Casey from a walk, I took a close look at the ends of the Cannon Trunnions and look what I found......made in Chicopee, Massachusetts. 
 And the date it was manufactured
Most of the Confederate soldiers were buried in mass graves.
Then came the retreat.
 You can see the pond in the background beyond the tree.
The sign says it all
 This is Bloody Pond today.
It was tough reading some of these signs.
Then the ships arrived with more troops.
And the ships came in!
Which brought the end of the battle.
 The Landing
The national cemetery at the battlefield.
 I was surprised to see that the cemetery was only for the Union soldiers.
The count!
 So many gave their life
More head stones
 And this headstone was alone.
Time to head home!


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