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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hodson Plantation And Beyond

There's a site of an old plantation not far from us so we went there.
The site has been turned into rental cabins and condos.
Some of the old farm tractors are still around.

This is an old Cotton Picker
Here's one of the smaller Plantation homes.
 This one is a rental.
And here's another.
And apartments.

Those are Condos on the other side of the tracks.

A bottle tree?
What looks like a Gin Mill from the outside, is actually a blues club inside.
Across the street is the actual site of the Plantation.
There are cotton fields everywhere
On our way back to camp, we took a back road which dead ended at this cemetery. If you look closely at the picture, you notice a headstone that is located OUTSIDE the cemetery.
That headstone belongs to Lucy Smith, I wonder why she is there????
This is the front portion of the cemetery.
And this is the back portion of the same cemetery. There are so many strange things in this area.
That's like our GPS wanted us to go down this road when we first came to town in the motorhome. As you can see, the road ends at the old shack up ahead after about three miles. We didn't go down this road in the coach because something didn't seem right when the GPS told us to turn, but we came back in the Jeep to check it out.
Even Casey has been very restless since we got here, she keeps hiding under the bed like she is afraid of something.........spooky!

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