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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Louisville Roadside America

We started our day with breakfast at Lynn's Paradise Cafe which has been featured on Oprah Winfrey, Food Network, and a host of others.
The Cafe is really colorful inside and out.
The teapot is pouring water.
Then there are these pipes outside that play different sounds when hit with a flip flop.
Inside, you will spend your time looking at all the weird stuff.
Like these legs coming out of the wall.
For breakfast I had thick slided bacon, eggs, and home fries with biscuits.
Joyce had a half order of Pecan French Toast.
After breakfast, we headed to the city to see the the Louisville Slugger Factory, can you see the bat?
Description of the Worlds Largest Bat.
That's me at the base of the bat.
Next door was the worlds largest baseball.
We headed into the factory to take the tour.
Interest flag inside the building.
There's a small museum that you start off in.
That's the Babe next to Joyce
Then there was Ted
I guess Ted loved his Louisville Slugger.
Joe loved his!
The tour was very interesting but we were not allowed t take any pictures. They have automatic lathes that can turn a bat from a round in 30 seconds per bat. The bats then are sanded, labeled, and the nubs trimmed off the ends. They then go to the finishing area where they area stained with specific colors or a natural finish. As you finish the tour you are given a small Louisville Slugger bat that is about 15 inches long, cool!
After the tour of the factory, we continued with our "Roadside America" tour. This plaque was located across the street.
I have an appreciation for older buildings and this one is awesome.
Further down Main street, they are restoring those old buildings.
As we walked down Main street, we came across this huge mirror constructed from smaller mirrors.

Then we found the other Worlds Largest Bat
He was hanging around a spooky shop.
Then we found the other Worlds Largest...............oops!
It was time to leave town and move to our next destination......The Gospel Kingdom Campground. The link takes you to a 1939 video of the Camp.
The first thing that you notice is the size of the cabins, and there are a lot of them.
We drove around the complex and did not see one person.
Not only are the cabin very small, but so are the windows and doors.
Note the last rule! Guess I can't work on my tan.
OK, this place seems to be a religious retreat of some type but I also found some other information. The old story states that the community was created for "Little People" but because of the lack of interest it never got off the ground. You decide for yourself!
This is the view from the back of one of the little cabins, now that's a piece of heaven!
We were going to break camp and leave in the morning but decided to stay another day.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We really enjoyed that cafe and did find it in the roadside America book!