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Monday, October 15, 2012

Last Day In St Louis

Our last trip to the city and I wanted to see the old section.
Well this is it but it's only in a small area, I think!

Here's the Football stadium which is pretty much in the center of the city.
We came to the city today to see the Basilica and the Old Courthouse.

They had a wedding coming in so we had to do the quick look around.
I love the detail of the craftsmanship.
It amazes me what they were able to accomplish back when this was built.
From the church, it was only a couple of blocks to the Old Courthouse. They are doing a restoration on the outside, but here's a nice shot of the Fountain, and the Courthouse framed by the Gateway Arch.
And this is another Fountain that's in front of the one pictured above. Hey, who's that sitting in the middle?

The Courthouse is famous because of Dred Scott, the first black slave to sue his owner for freedom.
This is a section of the actual courtroom where the trial took place.
He won but lost!
I laid on the floor in the center of the rotunda to get this pic..The courthouse is still being used but also has sections that contain a museum of St. Louis' past.
 Another shot at a different angle.
I just had to include this in the post because of the work that Mr. Beckman put into the model.
This working model is about six feet long, wow!!!!

Some pic's of old St. Louis
 I guess they had bad drivers back then also.
I was amazed to see that St. Louis was a large industrial center that made just about everything.
They sure made some beautiful cast iron stoves, look at the detail.
Even the stairways, hand rails, stair treads, and landings were made of cast iron. Wow, they really knew how to make things to last back then.
Even the woodwork on and around each door was art to me.
This is one of the courtrooms that is still used. Judge Judy would look good here.
After leaving the courthouse, we walked a couple of blocks to see the ball field.
We are not baseball fans but I figured we might as well see it.
 O.M.G........$5.25 for water, there should be a law against those prices!
Now we were suppose to spend the night in camp but the weather was going to get really bad later in the day so we decided to get out of Dodge with the hopes of missing the storm.
 So we say goodbye to St. Louis and the Mississippi River
And Casey looks out to window for our next long ride.
Hello Indiana. We made it as far as Evansville to a Walmart. We did get some rain and wind but it wasn't too bad.

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