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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Branson, MO. Another Tourist Trap

So here we are in Branson after a heavy rain storm.
We had to take the Jeep to the car wash because it had so much sand on it from the rain we ran through.
Then we took a ride up town to see what Branson is all about. Here's Dick Clark's place.
Then we started to hit the traffic.
 Ooooooh Chicken, I love chicken.
They have a train ride that people were lined up for.
 Hey, they even advertise their restrooms. (Tourist Trap)
And more traffic
Check out the Van with dual rear wheels, first I've seen.
I did find the Fudge place. Had to get my fix.
After cruising the strip, we drove to the top of the surrounding area to check out the view.
And for $49 each, you to can ride the river boat and have dinner
Then we spotted this place which turned out to be the Majestic Condo that caught fire back in August. 


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Sure glad I did not own one of those condos'!

Teri said...

I drove through Branson last year. I thought I was going to stay there but decided to just keep driving. I prefer small towns or state parks to these tourist traps.