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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Homeward Bound

We continued on to Maryland. We passed a few Electric plants along the river.
Then every so often we would see a barge chugging along the river.
The ride was really nice but in sections the road was very narrow.
This little town had a abandoned school and only about five homes.
Back roads but they maintain the bridges and roadway, impressive!
I stopped for fuel and almost had heart failure.
And a few miles down the road there was a brand new oil rig.
We finally crossed into Maryland but we are late. We came here to take a locomotive train ride to see the foliage colors but they have pasted. The trees are mostly brown.
But we did find the new construction for Noah's Ark.
Another Walmart for the night. This one in Hagerstown.
We just landed at our final stop before home. We are in Lancaster county PA.
The Amish boys above are bringing in the cows.
The farm is across the street from us. We have stayed here in the summer and the odor is something to experience.
This is the campground that we come to often. We will be here for five days so we can stock up on some Shoofly Pie.
And this is where it is.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Diesel is still under 4 dollars in this part of FL.
That is a nice campground, stayed there several times. Enjoyed watching them working the farm across the street. The women come around in the afternoon selling some great bake goods!

Jim Spain said...

We stayed there last summer for 4 nights and really enjoyed it. The Amish farmer next door was baling hay with the family involved. Very interesting. Hope you enjoy your stay.


Paul and Joyce said...

This is a nice relaxing campground, we always stay here when we are in the area.