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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Things To See

Well we headed out after lunch to see what things we could find. As we rounded the corner of a back road, we came upon the below sign at the Fire Station.
Yes this is the real thing, check this out HERE , these people are nuts.
A half mile later, we passed this and had to turn around.

A good number of the head stones had pictures of the pets.
The cemetery is very large an there are a lot of animals buried here.

These are the basic markers and they are all over the place. Looks like the lawn mower man hits them.
One of the better head stones, and there were many.

Time to move on and we came to the Patton Museum.
Wish I had one of these.
Wow, surprised to see that Patton was married in Massachusetts.

 The museum was nice but there wasn't that many things to view.
 They did have his guns!
Patton was a tough man but he seemed to have respect for his soldiers.
This is just a sampling of the pictures showing Patton with his troops.
A special Jeep designed by Patton?
It looked like it was built by a couple of kids with a hammer and welded with coat hangers
Patton in his older years with his wife.
Then.....The Accident
Pictures of the car show that it doesn't look to bad.

And the car after being repaired
Patton's last ride.

At the memorial park outside the museum as we were leaving.
Moving on we arrived at our last destination for the day.
 Churchill Downs
And do you know who this famous horse is? I believe he is one of the most known horses in the world. Continue on!
I do not follow racing but maybe you know him, Pat Day.


 The horse and jockey are both part of the same display.
  The Grandstand
The Track

 This display shows some of the ladies hats worn here at the track. Probably while they sipped their mint julep.
Wow, I didn't know that!
And, did you guess that the horse was Barbaro? I remember that this horse was in the news daily as the world watched while they tried to save him from being put down. It was a sad story.

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