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Friday, October 12, 2012

We Made It To Gateway Arch

Hey we made it to Gateway Arch
Our GPS is at the coach going through a map update so we figured we'd do it the old fashion way and use a map. Well I took a wrong turn heading into the city, and a wrong turn heading out. Guess we are out of practise.

Anyways, here's the Gateway Arch.
I kind of liked this shot.

That's the old courthouse on the back side of the green.
And this shot is from the steps where Joyce is sitting, looking out at the Mighty Mississippi.

There is a museum under the base of the Arch.
The museum is huge and there was a lot to see but we couldn't take all day because we left Casey back at the coach. We did do a quick tour and took in the movie on the construction of the Arch.

This is a small model of the Arch that shows some of the construction techniques used. It was estimate that there would be three worker deaths during the construction but in the two years that it took to construct the Arch, no lives were lost.
Some info on how the design was determined.
This is an actual elevator pod used to transport five adults to the top of the Arch. It took only two weeks to construct the elevator system. It is a very small area to jamb five people into but the ride doesn't take long.

We got our tickets and got in line to wait for the doors to open.

Here's an explanation of how the elevator works.

O.M.G. here we go.
Once at the top the view was awesome. There's the Ball stadium but the game today was out of town.

And there's the old Courthouse.
And here's the Mississippi. If you look close you can see the yellow Jeep.

Once at the top, I asked a young Asian boy if he would take our picture. I thought these guys knew how to operate a camera. He never said that half of my head was missing. Oh well, he got my better half.
Here, you can realize the curve at the top.
Well it was getting late and we had to get out of the city before 4PM due to the heavy traffic. We will return again tomorrow.

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