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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hardworking Amish Farmers

At 7:30 Am we begin to here whistles blowing and wondered what was going on. This guy went by our bedroom window and scared the dog half to death.
The tractor went out past a small barn and stopped. Don't know what he was doing!
Whereas the tractor was out where I really couldn't get any good shots, we went out for lunch. This is a 50's style diner where they have the best burgers and free ball point pens. There's Joyce taking two!
After lunch we were able to get in a parking lot to see what they were doing with the tractor. We found out that whereas there is a stream on the property, the farm is not able to use any chemicals in their starter garden to ride the soil of harmful bugs or fungus.
So what they do is steam the ground to sanitize the soil and kill any impurities then cover the section with plastic. It took 9-1/2 hours to do just the small area that you see. This is their starter garden where they will grow all the seedlings next year. The stream tractor travels from farm to farm performing this service.
After waiting all day, I was finally able to get some good pic's of the tractor as he was coming out of the field.
Man-o-man these people sure do work hard!
Isn't she beautiful!
After exiting the field, he turned her around in the campground.
I loved watching this thing pass us.
That big flywheel was spinning as she passed. The little guy in the cab kept blowing the whistles.
And there she goes. Home is 3 miles away and it will take the tractor an hour and forty five minutes to get there.
This was our last day here and we will be heading out of here tomorrow morning. Our destination is home in Massachusetts for the holidays and do our doctor visits.
We want to get there before the storm hits, we know of a couple of big parking lots where we can park till the storm passes. Will post as soon as we are able to after the storm.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I love those steam powered tractors, but honestly I think it would be easier to use a horse:)

Mujica's Travels said...
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Paul and Joyce said...

Frank, so nice to hear from you guys. I pulled your comment because it contained you phone #. You should e-mail instead.