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Friday, October 26, 2012


Today's projections have the center of the storm coming in on our doorstep so we are watching things closely to see if the projections change.
There's no way we are going to get away from the storm but we hope to run to an area that's as far away as possible from the high winds, just not sure which way is best right now.

We are here till Sunday unless things progressively get worse. If we make it back to Massachusetts, there is a huge parking lot not far from home and may be a good place to park facing the wind. Hope all of you keep safe and we will update as the storm approaches.

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hobopals said...

Stay safe. My sister is on Long Island. My b-i-l is not worried--says they've been through worse. The worry is mostly about the beach erosion, there. I'm hearing differently on the news. He is thinking of getting a small generator which isn't a bad idea for stick and bricks.

I would imagine if you stay away from rivers, coast, and head inland that you'll be okay. Good luck.