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Thursday, October 11, 2012

On To St. Louis

We traveled route 60 so we could take scenic route 19 and stay off the major highways for a while.
So you can imagine our surprise when we came upon the Amish buggies along route 60.
About a couple hours of travel we came across this sign. It just so happens the Joyce was born and raised in Mansfield Ma. and Laura Ingalls lived in Mansfield Mo. So we had to stop.
We took the chance of going down the small back roads with the motorhome only to find a small parking lot to park in. I don't know how but I was able to get in and park and also get out with about two inches to spare.
There's a very interest museum but they don't allow pictures to be taken.
There was also a nice guided tour of the home but again no pictures.
 Some info.
One of Pa's trees long gone.
Back on the road again we made it to scenic route 19.
This road took us through some small back country towns.
The one problem is that the road was a bit narrow as were the bridges.
 We did pass a couple of big trucks but not while crossing a bridge.
Then as we came out to the highway again we passed wine country.
It was time to call it a day and find somewhere to park for the night. This Walmart was the smallest we have ever seen and it was tough trying to find somewhere level and out of the way soooooo.
 We crossed the street and park in the truck parking area of McDonald's....I'm Lovin It!

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