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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Joyce read about a Ghost Bridge in Florence AL. so off we went to check it out. This bridge use to span a stream along Jackson Rd. but now cuts the road in half because the bridge is close to traffic. It was so grown in, we almost missed it when we turned at the end of the road.
 Walk over the log and through the growth, and you will come upon the bridge.
The story has it that the KKK used the bridge for hanging slaves and the bridge is now haunted.
As you can see, there is a large hole burnt through the bridge. This was suppose to be the work of some satanic offerings.
Oh wait....is that a ghost at the far end of the bridge?
Not far from the Ghost Bridge and on the same road beyond the bridge, you will find Forks Of Cypress.
Reading both sides of this sign (click on the pic) will give you the history of the Plantation.

The columns are all that remain from the fire of 6/6/66
 This chimney is located to the left of the columns and must have been another structure.
Then we passed the town's used car lot. Check out those classics.
 I believe that this is the "as is " row.
From here we continued on to Shiloh, Tn. to see where the Battle of Shiloh was fought. But that's another post.

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