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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Lunch Trip

We were in for the roof rail repair today.
Tiffin found that some of the roofs were developing cracks at the radius edge so they are installing aluminum radius edges on all the coaches that come in for service. Another update freebie.

After the coach was done we hopped in the Jeep and headed out to Swamp Johns for lunch. The town of Red Bay is having a contest for the best fall decoration done by the town businesses.
There were many to choose from and it will be tough to pick the best. Which one do you like.

We arrived at Swamp Johns!
These are Georgia Fries
And just a burger
After lunch we headed back past the cotton fields.
And now we get to check out the other side of main street.
When we got back to the coach, our new draws were ready to install. We had a pull out island where that big hole is and the draws in the island were very small.
So whereas Joyce never used the pull out Island, we had it removed and larger draws installed.
The work is done by Tiffin employees that work in the cabinet shop. They moonlight after hours and you can get stuff done cheap. They really get into their work.
The job is completed and now Joyce has nice long deep draws.
This was a very busy day and we got a lot done. We want to get everything done so we will be all set and ready to hit the road. Think of it as maintaining your house.

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