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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Traveling The Cades Cove Loop

We have been out of Internet service for the last three day so I have a lot of catching up to do.
We had planned on leaving Pigeon Forge on the 12th but decided to stay another day so we could do the Cades Cove Loop and the Parson Branch Road, that ends at Dragons Tail.
As we traveled Cades Cove Loop, the views were beautiful and the air was fresh and cool.
The wildlife is suppose to be plentiful but we didn't see any. The gentleman in front of us did get a picture of a black bear but we must have missed it.
There were a lot of horses grazing in the fields but I wouldn't call them wild.
There are thirteen stops along the loop and we took too many pic's for me to post but if you click on the highlighted link above, you'll can read a lot about the loop Like this old church.
This church was one of three that we stopped at.
The thing that amazed me is the fact that these churches were all sitting on top of stone pillars to keep an air space under the building. I had to check it out.
Pretty neat huh! Must have been tough balancing those rock during construction.
These people came to this valley in 1819 from Virginia and N. Carolina to start a life and form a community. By the 1850's the population had peaked to 685 and occupying 137 households. With this growth the soil quality began to deteriorate and the West brought the promise of more fertile frontiers. By 1860 only 269 people remained at Cades Cove.
I was impressed at construction of these homes.
Nice place to build your home.
Then there was Aunt Becky who never married.
Some info on her house
The house still stands.
Whereas dogs were not allowed on the paths to these homes etc., Joyce went off and took some pic's of the various buildings.
Flat tire!
This grist mill is still in operation.
Then there was Joyce's favorite sign!
Moving along, we reached the entrance of Parson Branch Road. This road was carved through the mountain and is a great way to get away from the traffic in the loop.
The road is maintained and as long as the 14 streams that cross the road are low, you will not have any problems doing this in a small car. The thing is, once you start you can't turn back. It's one way only!
A couple of times we stopped and shut the Jeep off so we could enjoy the silence of the woods.
We did have fun with the road although it was a bit rough in some areas.
This tree had fallen across the road and was recently removed. Pretty huh!
Casey had a great time looking for wildlife.
This one stream was running heavy across the road and Casey loves the water so we stopped.
She got to run around crazy and cool her paws.
The woods were full of Mountain Laurel. Must be beautiful when in bloom.
After leaving the Parson Branch Road, we headed back to camp. Along the way we ran into this place that sold wood carvings that are different than anything we have seen before.
These carvings can be installed on or around doors, windows, doorways. etc.
The pieces are really beautiful and totally hand carved.
He even does full door inserts.
You can check out his Facebook Page HERE

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