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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Red Bay Museum

Today we went to the Red Bay Museum and I was surprised at how nice it was.
Each section was set up from items donated from the towns people. This is the actual front desk and sign from the Red Bay hotel.

Hotel Red Bay add.
Remember the Rexall drug stores
And the soda fountain that you'd find in the drug stores.

And somehow they were able to get the marble counter.

I added this one for the kids.......do you know what this is?
There was a lot of information on the railroad that ran through town.
These are some of the cool guys that worked for the railroad.

Info on the town depot.
 All Aboard!
And the most important thing is......
They have a large section devoted to Tammy Wynette. She always referred to Red Bay as her hometown even though she was born in a bordering town. Her mother was from Red Bay and Tammy spent a lot of time in this town.
This is a picture of Tammy's daughter at her wedding and Tammy's mother.
Some of the gowns that Tammy wore.
As we continued on, there was a section on farming.
Lets not forget the first hospital and doctor.
After leaving the museum, we still had time for a game of Frisbee
We just received a call that we are set for a 7:00 AM trip to the repair bay for a quick recall fix on the roof. I can't believe we are getting in already.

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