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Monday, September 17, 2012

Tennessee Sippin Whiskey

After leaving Pigeon Forge, we moved about 4 hours west to Barton Springs Campground in Normandy, Tn.. This was a Federal run campground so we were able to use our Senior card which gave us 50% off. Water and 50 amp service for $11.00, I love these places.
The water is very low and normally is up to the area where the lawn turns green.
We took off in the Jeep to check out the distilleries, one of which was only about three miles from us. On our way we passed through the center of Normandy.
That's the center of town ahead.
From the center of town it was only about a mile to the #2 of two distillers in the state.
As you can see, not too many people know of this place so we had the personal tour and it was really interesting.
Inside the welcome building there were displays telling the history of Dickel Distillery
Joyce really like the open area of the Welcome Center.
She'd like our next home to be like this.......man, we just sold our home and she's looking.
It is really nice.
Across the street you will find the distillery. There's no picture taking inside.
One of the employees who is a big guy, comes to work on this everyday.
Cool huh!
If you look closely at the tree you'll notice that all the bark is black. This is due to the fact that the yeast used in the production of whiskey grows a black fungus on the surrounding trees. So if you're ever in the hills of Tn. and you see this growth, get out of the area fast before you get shot by a moonshiner.
Heading back to camp brought us by this sleeping dozer. I had to back up to get this picture because it reminded me of something my buddy probably would have broken during operation.

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