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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where's All That Florida Heat?

Yesterday morning we went on a guided boat ride up the St. John river.
Man-o-man it was COLD and everyone was bundled in their winter wear and mittens. And me....well, I had my shorts on and a sweater which kept me warm enough for the first hour of the trip.
The Manatees love to feed on this greenery along the shore. Did you know that if the water temperature falls below 60 degrees, the Manatees get frost bite and their skin begins to blister. If they stay in the cold water, it will kill them.
Trying to keep warm
You've seen the AT&T advertisement, more bars! These birds are White Ibis.
The bird were beautiful

The cruise lasted for two hours and was very informative but I was too cold to take notes on the various types of birds along the way. Time to warm up!

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