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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Natchez Cruise

We drove into the city to go on our two hour cruise, we were running late and the streets were packed.

There were some strange sights!
As we got in line to board, a wall of fog began to roll in. It looked like something out of a Steven King novel.
Once we got on board, I headed straight for the engine room. The Natchez is the only steam powered paddle wheel in the USA.
There are two engines, one on either side of the ship. The engines are much like the train engines except these are supplied steam from two large boilers located mid-ship.
No rocket science here, just basic steam powered pistons with a seven foot stroke to drive the paddle wheel.
Some posted info.
How the engines operate.

The engine controls.
How the ships rudder works.
"Paddle wheel keeps on turning"
Here is another ship just coming out of the fog.
Blowing the ships whistles were deafening.
The cruise was two hours long but most of it was in the fog and we didn't get to see much of the scenery but it was an experience to remember.

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