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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Harlingen, Tx.

Got up this morning and headed out for the most southern part of Texas in search of warmer weather. Got this pic as we were pulling out of the Walmart parking lot where we spent our night.
As we came into Kingsville, Tx. we stopped to see the King Ranch.
Here we are!
Some info. on the Ranch

We didn't get to see much of the livestock because you get the tour by sitting in a van as the tour guide drives you around the ranch. We did see these two guys doing some head butts.
This gentleman is a fifth generation of one of the original ranch hands that live and work on the ranch.
Sign in front of his house.
This is a shot of the original home of the owner of the King Ranch.
This is a shot of the newer home in back of the original. This home is not open to the public, in fact we couldn't even stop in front of the house for pictures.
After leaving the Ranch and got on the highway, Joyce got some time behind the wheel while I looked for a small rattle. I found It!
Once we got to our destination campground, I went to see if I could get my knee drained. This time I was able to get it done, yea!!!! They drained 26 cc's of fluid. This should hold me till march and maybe I'll get lucky and it won't fill up again.
From the hospital, we went on a search for BBQ Brisket. We found a place and the meal started with bean soup that was very good. Note the size of the drink.
And the Brisket was very good.

Tomorrow I get to wash the coach and see what we can find of interest in the area.

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