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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Homosassa Springs

Our grand daughter Brooke loves all of Gods creatures so for Christmas Joyce signed adoption papers in Brooke's name for a Manatee at Homosassa Springs. The Manatee's name is Ariel and Brooke will receive information on her Manatee for one year.
We figured that whereas we are in Florida, we may as well take a ride and get some pictures of Ariel the Manatee.

This was going to be a two hour ride and I was going to have to keep my strength up so we made a stop here on the way. Did you know that Russell Stover Candies bought out Whitman's Sampler in 1993?

Was a long ride but we made it and it was really cold and damp.
Even the Hippo was trying to get warm in the sun.
Along with the Gator
However the water where the Manatees are is 72 degrees.Normally you can view them from an underwater room but it was being painted so we had to get our pictures from above. There are six Manatees in captivity and this one is the one we came to see, Ariel.

In this picture some lettuce and other greens have been dumped in the water for the Manatees to feed on.

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Pat said...

Russell Stover candy outlet well worth a side trip!