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Monday, January 4, 2010

Still Cold In Florida

Was 32 degrees this morning at 9:00AM but I refuse to go back to long pants. I am determined to wear shorts till next November.

We took a walk down to see the spring fed pool that supplies the warm water to where the Manatees hang out. As we walked along the path through the woods, this little guy was looking for something to eat.
He or she was so involved in looking for food, I was able to touch it's tail without it running off.
This is the pool that feeds the warm water to the area where the Manatees are.
The dark area to the right in the picture is not a shadow, it is a cave that is over 110 feet deep and 140 feet long and leads down to the warm springs.
The Manatees love this area because of the warm water and some of the young calves were playing.

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John said...

Good luck with the shorts thing. I've pulled out my long underwear and heavy leather coat.I'm not planning to wear shorts til may and I'm only 30 minutes from those Manatees. See you soon...Florida John