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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Visiting Friends

Got ready to leave this morning to visit a friend and his dogs. As we approached the Jeep we had a visitor and her family.

Here's the kids.
If you have been following our Blog, you'll remember Frank and his traveling companions Chesky and Ziva that we met at the Tiffin campground in Red Bay, Al.
Not one of my better pictures, Joyce moved fast as I took the picture but it was such a good shot I had to post it anyways. Ziva has doubled in size since we first saw her in November at Red Bay.
And as you can see, Joyce had to get her puppy fix again.
We all went out for lunch at a local restaurant and the food was great.
The girls waited patiently in the truck during lunch. Chesky was guarding the back seat. She is really a cool dog.
On our way home from visiting we stopped so I could get my knee drained for the third time. Well that was a bad idea. Filled out all the paperwork and did the usual sit and wait to get called thing.
Finally was moved to a cubical to wait again for the doctor to come in and drain the knee. Ten minutes later the doctor comes and and asked me a bunch of questions about the knee and then announced that doesn't drain knees and I would have to make an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor. Can you believe that, and they wanted to charge my insurance for doing nothing. Long story short, I did not pay and neither will my insurance company. And I still have to get the knee drained!!!!!!!

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