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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Warmer Today

It was starting off to be a nice day so we took a ride to the east coast to check things out. Found a lot of beautiful homes around Titusville.
Another home with a view. We passed a house lot for sale with a $575,000.00 price tag. That was just a bare lot.We took a road that ended at Kennedy Space Center but they wouldn't let us in.
In the distance you can see the two launch pads.
That is the main building where they assemble the shuttle/rocket.
From there we stopped at the wildlife visitors center which had a really nice walkway.
It was 62 degrees and the air was so calm, the water looked like a mirror.
A little information on Spanish Moss
Spanish Moss hanging from the trees......very pretty!
The two of us taking in the beauty of the walkway.
It was getting late so we stared to head back to camp. On our way back we stopped at the Texas Roadhouse for dinner and drinks. We both ordered Chicken Critters but Joyce got a sweet potato that was covered with cinnamon sauce and topped with melted marshmallows......really tasty.
This is a shot of the Chicken Critters.

Did I mention that the meal started with hot rolls and honey butter. And we did leave with leftovers and rolls.

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