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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Afternoon At The Beach

This dozer is at the edge of the campground and I was curious as to what he was doing with it.

The operator told me that the State Park gets federal money to burn the brush so if they don't burn, they loose the money.

This piece of equipment is towed by the dozer and all those blades chop the brush and pack it down for a hotter controlled burn. Neat huh!!

The area behind us was full of "Cypress Knees". What are they for???
Leaving the campground entrance, we turned left onto a dirt road that in one area gave us the feeling that we were driving in the Amazon jungle.
Ah, but look where we came out. We were on the shore of the St. John river. Joyce got to sit under a Palm tree to catch up on some reading while I snooped around.
About thirty yards from where we were, there was a homemade memorial for a young boy named Paul Adam Prescott.
Paul Adam Prescott was killed by one of his 16 year old friends; John Edward Davis. So sad!

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