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Monday, January 18, 2010

We're Back!

A few days ago we moved to this new campground in St Joe, Florida. The first day was sunny then it went downhill from there. We had two days of extreme winds and heavy rain.Once the rain stopped everyone seemed happy and wanted to enjoy a little sunshine.
Even the dolphins were swimming around chasing the smaller fish.
We got a chance to drive down the local beach where Joyce had to check out the water.
This was Joyce's first attempt to drive down the beach. The problem is that after 5.8 miles of running the beach, you had to turn around and go all the way back to where you started because it was the only way in and out from the road.
Today we broke camp and moved on to Mississippi. On the way we stopped at the Naval Air Museum.
Admission to the museum was free and it was a really great stop.
There were planes everywhere from the various wars.
There were also areas where you could try some actual cockpit trainers.
The were planes on the floor and hanging from the ceiling. There was a lot of information on the various piston and jet engines used in these planes.
Some information
About this plane
One of the many planes on exhibit.
These Rotary engines are impressive, check this out.
And now a word from the General!!!!!

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