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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keaton Beach, Florida For The Night

We are on the move again. We had a brief stop at a Freightliner service center to get the front end linkage on the coach greased. There were 16 grease fittings just in the front suspension that had to be greased. I was beginning to feel what I considered a slight binding in the suspension so I wanted to get it checked out.
I had an appointment and they were great to send a guy right out with a creeper and take care of it.

From there we were back roading it to a place called Keaton Beach that is on the Gulf coast. This is a very small coast town and most of the homes are on stilts to protect them from flood damage during bad storms.
We found our little campground and pulled into our spot facing the gulf.
The sunset was beautiful, looks like paradise with the palm trees huh!!
The sunset with the Pelican sitting on a post as viewed from the drivers seat. Like watching a movie!

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